Mental Boot Camp           PD01

Duration: 1 day

Cost: Pricing

How can military thinking transform your company?



Military personnel face pressures that are almost unimaginable in the business world. Lives can literally hang on the ability to make fast, clear decisions, and communicate them to individuals and units, all amidst situations of incredible complexity and pressure.

At every level, therefore, military personnel need to maintain discipline, intelligence and focus.


‘Mental Boot Camp’ is the ultimate mental training course for businesses. Through high-activity sessions, it takes tried and tested psychological training concepts from elite units and applies them to high-pressure business scenarios. Our aim is not to help people gain greater control and self-management at every level of work, managing stress effectively, making strong commercial decisions and contributing to the morale and efficiency of the company.


The training includes:

  • Three-point rule – a new method of making fast but sound decisions

  • The 70 per cent solution – How to give your company a bias for action rather than talk

  • Identifying a mission essence – Achieve clarity through all the complexity

  • Visualisation techniques – Manage stress through special forces interrogation/mind training

  • Development mental resilience

  • Handling tempo – maintaining pressure on your competitors

  • Understanding the ‘enemy’ – How to think like your opponents


Because each publishing organization is individual, the exact course content is modelled on your specific requirements. To talk through your needs and pricing, call Chris McNab on 01792 324049 or e-mail at