Writing and Research

Dr Chris McNab is the author of more than 100 books and has a proven track record of delivering high-quality text to tight deadlines. Chris infuses his writing with a creative focus on the reader experience, but also deep editorial expertise. What does this mean for you? You get text that meets the brief, is factually and structurally accurate, and targets your intended readership exactly.


Subject specialities

History, military history and technology, general history and culture, firearms, survival. Also written on sport, natural history and literature.



Experienced in writing and developing both illustrated and non-illustrated publications, for markets ranging from children to academics.



Expert in creating new publications from your existing back catalogue.


Write into layouts

I can work in Adobe InDesign and InCopy, writing straight into layouts and saving you time and editorial effort.

Specialist research

Colourblue can utilise specialist authors and researchers to cover a broad spectrum of topic areas, including science, business, statistics, economics, culture and politics. Chris McNab personally supervises the briefing, delivery and quality of all external authors and researchers, ensuring that you get exactly the text and data you need, written neatly to specifications and other requirements.


Examples of recent reviews

For Deadly Force (2009):

The book is fascinating, a nicely paced mixture of events and analyses. It will have wide appeal...” – P.T. Smith, Choice Magazine (April 2010)


For The Fall of Eben Emael (2013):

Chris McNab is an impressive author, who demonstrates a clear mastery of the subject. In addition, the book is very well-written, maintaining its cohesion despite the shifting scenes of action. It is a rousing story of ‘fortune favors the bold,’ and is highly recommended.” – Coast Defense Journal (Vol 27, Issue 2, 2013)


For The Book of the Poppy (2014):

A fantastic book. It presents the information in various different forms so it doesn’t turn into laborious reading.” – Amazon reader