The Professional Trainer          PD02

Duration: 2 days

Acquire the techniques, confidence and personnel management of a professional trainer.

The ability to train others properly is a demanding skill, requiring far more than just subject knowledge to be effective. At its heart, training is about delivering an efficient, informative and enjoyable learning experience, putting the trainees in their most receptive state of mind to acquire new knowledge and practical skills.

The Professional Trainer is an intensive two-day course designed to give delegates not only the ability to design and deliver professional standard training courses, but also to gain new confidence in presentation, personnel management and public-speaking skills. The course looks at how to package and transfer subject knowledge, but also explains in detail the practical and psychological factors that can make or break a training course.

The Professional Trainer course is comprehensive in its reach, and includes:

  • Room layout and how it affects your training

  • Training logistics and set-up

  • Using training aids properly and innovatively (PPTs, whiteboards, objects etc.)

  • Developing 'responsive' training notes

  • Establishing the correct rhythms of learning

  • Avoiding boredom

  • Using and reading body language effectively

  • Enhancing attention and memory

  • Designing appropriate activities

  • Developing your confidence in public speaking

  • Means of in-training assessment

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Working in international settings

  • Training as part of a team

  • Handling crises.

In this two-day course, the delegates will learn professional-standard training skills, expanding their confidence progressively regardless of whether they have done any training before. Dr Chris McNab, the lead trainer, draws on his hundreds of hours of experience of highly demanding training environments, both in the UK and internationally, to provide instruction that is always grounded in real-world conditions.

Cost (including via webinar):

Individuals: £650 + VAT (£780) for two days

Groups: £1560 + VAT (£1872) for groups of up to six people. £100 + VAT (£120) for each additional person, up to a maximum of 10 people.