Publishing Project Management              PP01

Duration: 3 days (bespoke courses available on request)

Cost: Pricing

The Publishing Project Management course is designed to give delegates all the knowledge they need to manage the publishing process from original concept to final publication. Focusing principally on print publications, but with options for digital and blended publishing, the training gives real-world strategies for handling the time–money–quality equation effectively, and for creating the best possible end product. Topics within the training include:


  • Project set-up and budgeting

  • Scheduling and process design

  • Book planning

  • Formats and layouts

  • Creating author briefs

  • Creating editor briefs

  • Allocating personnel and managing freelancers

  • Working with designers and illustrators

  • Development editing and copy-editing

  • Writing/editing in a digital context

  • Technologies – XML, Adobe InCopy etc.

  • Understanding the production and print process

  • Cultural and legal issues

  • Piloting and testing


Because each publishing organization is individual, the exact course content is modelled on your specific requirements. To talk through your needs and pricing, call Chris McNab on 01792 324049 or e-mail at